Silicone Doll Kits ~ Who are they?

Brand New is the exciting Silicone Doll Kit line that MacPherson Arts and Crafts has designed and launched for the public. They are working hand in hand with individual Sculptors and The Dainty Loft to mold, produce and sell silicone kits.

With the increase of scam sites and theft in the doll industry it is good for us all to do our homework on who is bringing us our dolls. Both in the companies that make them and the individuals who sell them. This post is to give you some background on the new Silicone Doll Kits and where they come from.

Silicone Doll Kits

First, Brenda MacPherson Neufeld, owner of MacPherson Arts and Crafts collaborates with the Sculptor on which sculpt to make into the silicone. The Sculptor MUST agree and approve the kit with the assurance each produced silicone kit will have a valid Certificate of Authenticity. Individual C.O.A’s will be signed by the Sculptor and stamped by MacPherson’s personal logo. Once the Sculptor approves the sculpt, Brenda sends it to the Caster/Molder/Pourer. The original sculpt to be molded and produced can be either a clay doll OR a vinyl kit.

Currently, Silicone Doll Kits primary Caster is Kelly and Kristie Carwithen from The Dainty Loft. (Yes, one of those is me, lol).  However, other silicone dolls from different Casters and Companies are being sold on this site as well, like Maria Lynn from Maria Lynn Dolls. All Companies used by MacPhersons are approved and legitimate.

Once the sculpt is decided on, the Caster molds the sculpt into a silicone mold and a casting shell. This part is extremely time-consuming and tedious as it must get every detail of the doll. If it is done wrong, the mold is thrown away and the Caster must start again. One, 5-piece mold takes 1-2 weeks, depending on size and intricacy. Longer if the mold fails and needs to be redone. (*each Caster has their own timeline).  Once the mold is complete, the silicone pouring can be started. A silicone doll kit is then made out of Platinum Silicone. Time for this can be up to a week depending on size, intricacy and any mistakes.

After each silicone kit is examined, it is washed and prepped for packaging. Every Silicone Doll Kit is stamped and sealed to prove, along with the C.O.A that it is a legitimate silicone doll kit that has been Approved and Verified by Sculptor, Producer, and Caster.

There are many more hands involved than just the ones I’ve mentioned. Ones running the website and design, ones receiving packages and adding the bodies, paperwork and shipping them out, ones that deal with customer service and phone calls. Invaluable people that all work hard to bring the public an Authentic and Legal silicone doll kit and to serve our Doll Community. All whom we greatly appreciate.








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Silicone Doll Kits