Putting Eyes into Silicone

Lets talk about eyes in silicone.

You love a doll in silicone! Like LOVE LOVE. And you are going to get the blank kit to be able to make your own dream baby. But! You have to cut the eyes out to be able to insert your glass eyes.


Yes, it can be very intimidating!!!! But let us help with some of that!

Here is a video made by Jorja Pigott from Pigotts Playpen, who is an amazing sculptor, painter, and pourer. Her expertise walks us thru what we need to pay attention to before cutting.


I loved this video. Priceless information! Thank you, Jorja!

More than 8 years ago, a sculptor (whose name I did not record, ugh sorry!) posted these photos online and I found them a HUGE help! I saved them and referred to them many times. For me, using scissors instead of a scalpel gave me more confidence in not cutting the wrong spot. If you have a steady hand a scalpel would work the same way.

*if the original photographer would like these taken down please, write to me. Or if I can keep these up, please let me know your name so I can credit you.

Once you decide on which eye best suits your baby and the right amount of silicone to cut out, place a little bit of silicone inside the eye cavity and set your eye in (you can keep them in place with stick pins). The wet silicone will adhere to both the silicone cavity and the glass eye. Silicone adheres to glass almost permanently.

If you have cut out too much silicone, put a few of your cut silicone chunks or tiny bits of cosmetic wedge inside the cavity and then put the eye back in. If you have accidentally slipped and cut the outside of the eye, set the eye in place and fill in with some of your tinted wet silicone and let cure.

I hope this helps with some of the fear of cutting out silicone eyes!

Now go get your dream baby!!!


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