brenda-and-brad-neufeldWe are currently the only brick and mortar store in North America where one can walk into and purchase silicone and reborn doll making supplies off the shelves, or take ongoing courses on how to make reborn dolls.


PLEASE note our web-site is always open 24/7

Hours of service:   11 AM to 3 PM Tuesday to Saturday
Masks are mandatory as per Government Regulation.
You may also place an order online and do a Curbside Pickup – Just mention this in the Notes Section of your order.

You can also leave a message on our HelpDesk HERE

Thank you for your understanding.

We have knowledgeable staff as well as an in-house reborn doll artist & teacher providing workshops and classes year round in our local studio.

MacPherson Arts & Crafts is a brick & mortar store that has existed since 1973 & we have been particularly focused on the doll supply industry for many years. Due to the changing demand, we have now ventured into production with the Dainty Loft in order to produce silicone doll kits, supplies & teaching tools to make your life easier. Our goal is to always give you more than you expect… we hope this new addition will help bring doll making to a new level & challenge us as artists and entrepreneurs. We have enjoyed every moment of this journey and it is because of YOU!! Thank you for always encouraging us to grow & learn with you. hUgs Brenda and all the MAC Girls XOXOX