Pacifier/Nipples for Silicone Dolls

Let’s talk about Pacifiers and Nipples in Bottles.

Many have wondered if it’s ok to use a Latex Nippled Pacifier for their Platinum Silicone Doll or must they only use a silicone one. It’s a GREAT question and can be of a bit of a debate. So I’ll give you ‘my’ researched opinion on the topic.

Once your Platinum Silicone is cured, it will not break down. Latex, sulfur, tin, vinyl will not destroy your cured paint OR your cured doll if it touches it. So using a latex pacifier or nipple is fine on your silicone doll.

Here is where the problem lies….

Lips get a constant rubbing and will need to be repainted or reglossed at some point. If there has been a latex pacifier/nipple touching those lips, the fixing or reapplying of new silicone is going to be an issue. The latex will cause inhibition for the repair or re-gloss. You could repair the lips with Silipoxy or Sam-32 but those have a different finished feel and may not blend so well into your doll’s original softness. But it is the only option if your CURED silicone has been contaminated with latex.

That is why I always suggest/prefer a non-latex pacifier as it is just better to be safe than sorry. But Latex nipples WILL NOT break down your silicone doll. The same applies with vinyl tummy plates or silicone bum inserts for vinyl dolls or silicone and vinyl dolls touching.

* I don’t know if genesis painted dolls change color with silicone touching them… feel free to write me with your facts.

The other type of Pacifier for silicones is using a magnetic one. That means there is a magnet put inside the mouth of your silicone doll, sealed up, and now can take a pacifier that also has a magnet attached to it. Those are great to use for dolls that don’t have open mouths. However, there are some issues that could happen. One, If you place the magnet inside the doll too close to the surface and seal it up, there is a chance that the magnetic pacifier (especially a strong one) can draw that magnet out of the silicone mouth. It tears right through the silicone. So becare to place them far enough back to have a pull but not so close it can be drawn through the silicone. Second, is if you leave the pacifier on the mouth of the silicone for too long (especially the softer silicones) it can leave a dent. Not usually permanent but worth mentioning anyway. Just be diligent to check it once and a while.

Here is a link to some Gorgeous Magnetic Pacifiers of all shapes and sizes :

Silicone Nipple Pacifiers or Bottles are truly the easiest to use. Regardless of what type of nipple you use be just aware of the size.  A too-large nipple in a silicone mouth can stress the silicone and the sides of the mouth could start to tear. Especially if you have to open the mouth wide with your fingers to get it in.

To add to all this, I highly recommend a pacifier/nipple liquid. A little goes a long way and it just makes that nipple glide in and out of the mouth like it was silk. Its a beautiful thing, lol. Silicone Velvet has an amazing one here:

I hope that all helps and if you have any other questions about pacifiers (or anything else) please leave your comments below.



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