Thick Silicone Flanges – too thick?

So I am certain many of you have noticed that The Dainty Loft makes the flanges on their silicone kits quite thick. Thicker than a vinyl flange.

The reason we do so is because silicone is heavy and it can squish and slip out of the cloth body. And even though we put rings on all our limbs and heads, if the flange is too thin, it can slip or be pulled out of the ring. So when it’s thicker and you tie that cable tie nice and snug there is no way that limb is going anywhere.

But what if the flange is too thick? If it’s too thick it becomes bulky and cumbersome inside the body and it just doesn’t fit right. And that may happen with our kits.

If this is the case here is something you can do;  First, apply some Silpoxy inside the entire ring and inner groove. (can be bought online at Smooth On).

Let dry for 15-20 minutes or until completely secure. That way the ring is permanently attached to the flange and nothing will slip out of it.  Jorja Pigott explains this beautifully in a video here:

Next, is to take an exacto knife or sharp scissors and cut the flange to the desired length. I recommend never going shorter than an actual vinyl cap/flange. To be safe, even make it a tad longer and test. You can always cut more off if need be. To test, hold the limb at the ring and give the limb a tug.. if there is no movement or worry about the flange slipping through the ring your good to put the limb inside the body.

Now every MacPherson Silicone Kit has a bee stamped on the head flange. If you cut that off, please make sure to save it. It validates your kit as Authentic. So maybe add it in with your COA information.  Sign your name on it and make it an art piece to go along with your baby.

Bee creative.



5 thoughts on “Thick Silicone Flanges – too thick?

  1. Gail Stevenson says:

    Hi. After applying Part A & B with thinner, when it dries, is it sticky? I dryed mine using my heat gun for about 5 minutes. It is sticky now. Is that normal ?

    • KrisC says:

      Sometimes its tacky.. but it should not be sticky. Check to make sure you dont have any gloves, sponges ect that have latex in them. Along with that, ensure your silicone A/B portions are equal and you have the right thinner with the right amount.

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