Silicone Bum Inserts

Let’s talk about silicone bums. LOL.

My journey of making silicone babies is a long one. It’s always changing, morphing, and progressing. One of my evolving moments came after the availability of full body silicone babies. The incredible advancement of full body silicone babies changed our world! The realism, the magnificent weight and feel in our arms, the photoing choices… it certainly has been a game-changer.

However, partial silicone, cloth bodied babies still hold high value and most of us prefer them over full-bodies. For many reasons. Most are less expensive than full-bodied silicones. They have a better range of pose-ability. They are still extremely real.  And, they cuddle so so so nice.  It was this last one that got me thinking about my creation. I wanted my cloth-bodied babies to feel like a full-body, in weight and squish. So I worked on creating a silicone bum insert.

I am sure it’s not a new idea or that I am the only one who has done this… but for years I have used a squishy silicone bum that I sculpted and poured myself and I thoroughly have loved the end (no pun intended) result. So has every one of my adoptive Mommies.

So now, with the help of MacPherson Arts and Craft, I am making it available to the public.

This silicone bum has two versions and two shapes.  One smaller, one bigger in the tushie. One made entirely of Ecoflex 20 and one made of a mix of Marshmellow Silicone (a fancy way of saying the silicone has slacker in it) and Eco20.

The smaller one is just for a slight shaping in the bum with and a bit of weight (about 140 grams) and the bigger one is for more weight (185grams) and more squish to the tush.

Silicone bum inserts can be used for both silicone partials or reborn kits of newborn size. I will soon have more information about preemies. Below is a video to tell you about them and to show you how to use them.

7 thoughts on “Silicone Bum Inserts

  1. Zoe Breeden says:

    Do you think you’ll be making any of these for larger babies? I would love to have something like this for my Luv Buggie, to feel more realistic when I’m holding het.

    • KrisC says:

      That is definitely a thought!! If all goes well with the newborn/preemie size then we can definitely consider making a larger one and even a smaller one. Thank you for the feedback!

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