Needles for Rooting Silicone

Let’s talk about rooting silicone.

Now, I am not an expert rooter. I try and work on it constantly but I am so lacking most of the time that I never wanna say I am a good rooter. I’ve used a number of different rooting needles, gauges, and techniques but I still find it very very difficult. I am always looking for better tools, better hair, better tutorials.

Rooting silicone is very different than rooting vinyl. One, it’s like poking a needle into a cold stick of butter. Surprisingly soft. With vinyl, most like to heat the head so that the needle pokes in softly and smoothly and to avoid needle breakage. You don’t need to do that with silicone. The needle goes in very nicely.

However, you must root much much deeper into the silicone than a vinyl as you cannot glue inside the head. Meaning you can put the hair out with a good pull or too aggressive hair brushing. So rooting deeply buries the hair strand deeper and allows more of the silicone to suck around it and give it some hold.

I have tried many different needles on silicone but I was able to try out a revolutionary set (to me anyways, lol) at the IDTS doll show in 2018 and I swear they were made specifically for silicone. Heavenly Illusions 46g (g stands for gauge) rooting needle. 

Every needle poke I made, I caught a hair. However, because this needle is one of the finer and thinner of most rooting needles it is more fragile. I have broken a few inside a silicone head and well, it’s REALLY hard to get the end out.

Here is a photo of it and a link to it.

Questions For You: 

Do you have a favorite type of rooting needle for silicone?

Have you tried these Heavenly Illusions 46g needles before and do you like them?

Any special tips for rooting silicone that has been a game-changer for you?

Would anyone like to explain the different types of rooting needles?

Your comments will appear below 

Sherri who commented below reminded me of something.. when you use rooting needles on silicone they start to get a build-up on the barbs and grabbing hairs becomes more difficult. Just clean them with some isopropyl alcohol and they will be as good as new.

Melanie wrote ~  ‘ I also use Heavenly illusions pink needle for rooting. The most important thing I’ve learned about rooting silicone is the angle…lay the needle flat. I root all my brows now for a more natural look.’


I will do more posts on rooting with information on where to get great hair and how to map a silicone head for easy hair patterns so please if anyone has any suggestions or information we would LOVE to hear from you.

We hope this post has been helpful!


10 thoughts on “Needles for Rooting Silicone

  1. Stacey Haskins says:

    I have been using the Heavenly Illusions rooting needles for many years now. I root both silicone and vinyl with the pink needles. They are my favorite. You can use this needle on both types of medium as long as you learn the right pressure. This is something you must learn with practice. Happy rooting! 😊

    • KrisC says:

      Awwww Stacey, my rooting guru! Your rooting work is still one of my favorites!! If anyone can learn from someone, it is you! Thank you for your comment! The right pressure is key! I don’t know how many needles I’ve broke and buried into my silicone heads because of wrong pressure and angle! UGH!

  2. Sherri says:

    I’ve been using these needles for a couple or years. I like them a lot. I especially like the color coding, so I know exactly which needle style I am using.

    I like to root with the red and the hot pink colors. I have something I can clean the needle off with, after several rows, it often stops picking up the hair. So, after cleaning it, it works like a charm again.

    • KrisC says:

      Thank you for this comment! Color coding is so essential. And you reminded me about cleaning the needles! YES, that helps a ton! Thank you!

  3. Melanie says:

    I also use Heavenly illusions pink needle for rooting. The most important thing I’ve learned about rooting silicone is the angle…lay the needle flat. I root all my brows now for a more natural look.

  4. Miller Donna says:

    I’d love to talk to someone about haveing a baby girl made for me could someone email me back Please thank you very much Donna

    • KrisC says:

      Thank you for your message. However, this website is for the purchase of the materials to make a finished baby. We don’t sell completed babies here. Kind Regards, KrisC

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